NEXBIO is currently running several research and development projects that are based on nucleic acids analyze.



Our main projects are:

  • Lab-on-chip

Aimed to miniaturize and simplify molecular diagnostics (based on micro- and nano- fluid  technology).  

  • AmpliFast

New technology of obtaining genetic samples from microorganisms, that are sufficient to run DNA amplification with the use of specific oligonucleotides. 

  • DNA-Ident

New technology of living organisms’ identification that utilizes the DNA sequencing of genome’s fragments which are conservative for particular species. 

  • Oligo-Ident

Designing specific oligonucleotides for molecular tests that enable fast detection of microorganisms. 

  • FusaDNA

Identification and chemo-typing of Fusarium fungis with the use of advanced molecular tests.  

  • DNA-Wet-Storage

Technology of isolation and preservation of domestic animals’ DNA.

  • Genome-Link

Technology of genome fragments ligation without the use of ligation enzymes. 



Our advantages

  • Innovation

We look for new solutions and verify available methods

  • Individual approach

We aim to fit our clients’ needs best, there is no such thing as standard service 

  • Interdisciplinary approach

We build the network of specialists in different areas to create complex solutions 

  • Quality 

We guarantee high quality of researches and analyzes, our laboratory works accordingly to international norms and our own standards