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Innovative solutions for Food, Agri-Tech and plant protection


We apply molecular methods which allow not only 100% identification of microorganisms inhibiting food products, but also their quantity. The advantage of our methods in comparison to traditional microbiological ones lies into higher level of their accuracy. Our analyzes aim to identify various kinds of threats that may damage plantations (i.e. cereals, fruits, vegetables) at early stages. Therefore, it is possible to optimize methods of plant protection and fight only existing pathogens. Such solution is also cheaper and more environment-friendly.


The use of our methods enables:

  • Quality DNA assessment – we indicate the presence of microorganism’s DNA and establish its species / subspecies,
  • Quantity DNA assessment – we establish the quantity of DNA of given species and make comparative analyzes (it is an alternative for visual assessment),
  • Soil pathogens assessment – in very early stages of development some pathogens can be found in soil, before they appear on plant.



Such methods can be applicable in:

  • Food falsification tests (control tests for various kinds of meat, fish, cheese etc.)
  • Quality control of food used for production (DNA-based analyzes of cereals quality)
  • Detection of microorganisms’ presence in food products (even in situations where it is impossible to use conventional microbiology)
  • Verifying results of microbiological methods wherever they are inconclusive   



Solutions for veterinary 

NEXBIO offers genetic analyzes of pets and domestic animals which detect certain predispositions, i.e.:

  • Hip dysplasia of dogs 
  • Performance of horses (stamina, speed, movement coordination, jumping, response to training etc.)


DNA Preservation 

We also offer the possibility of pets’ DNA preservation for those who want to keep it after beloved pet’s demise.


Our services are addressed to vet clinics, animals breeders associations, stables and individuals who are open to introduce DNA methods. This method is enables to mark several key characteristics that describe good racing horse or good according to latest scientific discoveries.